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This is Winning Insight M.

This is a message for all Kiss&Cry fans.

We have sad (actually says sorry) news for all the fans.

Kiss&Cry has momentarily stopped activities due to various internal company issues.

But this is not to say they’re disbanded completely, we can only say there…

Soyumi and Kyungri being cute

Predebut Soyumi dancing to Beyonce’s “For You”

please explain what is happening

I’m really sorry if this is all very confusing and for spreading incorrect info.

Apparently, Haena’s contract has either been terminated or expired and as a result, Kiss&Cry have temporarily halted their activities. According to this source, Haena is now a contestant on SuperStarK. I’m unsure about the other girls and I won’t say anything is confirmed until we get a statement from WI. They have a reputation for managing their idols poorly. 

Bohye did say a while ago they were preparing an album, I hope this is still the case and this is just a small hiatus. Wishful thinking? (˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )


Kiss&Cry’s schedules are temporarily halted, they have not disbanded. 


8 favorite predebut Bohye selcas

8 random gifs of Kiss&Cry

Predebut Soyumi dancing to Beyonce’s “For You”


hey wassup, I was just wondering if Kiss&Cry have done anything recently? Cause like, I tried looking em up but the only songs I found were Revenge and Domino Game and just a bunch of rumors of Dia leaving or something? I was just wondering if you could bring me up to date please? c:

Kiss&Cry are pretty inactive right now.
Winning Insight hasn’t posted anything on this month’s schedule.

They were scheduled to perform at the Dream Festival on the 26th of July, but I haven’t seen any fancams or photos so I’m not sure if they actually did. And the girls met up with Mister Popo last month which you can see here (there are some pics over at kissncry-intl as well).

And yep, Revenge and Domino Game are their only songs.

I’ve never heard any rumours of Dia leaving. Maybe people are confused because Dia is also a solo artist? I wouldn’t believe those rumours at all until something is officially announced, but I highly doubt it. Dia was in Haena’s instagram post a few days ago. 

This blog is pretty inactive because of the lack of new content but let’s hope the girls come back with something soon! I hope this helps! xx